We've Moved!

Happy New Year! 2015 saw lots of change for us - we sold our first house *tear* and bought a new little gem in our dream neighborhood *hoo-ray!* 

I hope to show you some of the final projects from our first home that we completed before selling but for now - New Year, New House! And here she is.

After a relatively short house hunt (five months) we came upon this cutie the week before the Fourth of July. Maybe it was the holiday week but we were shocked when we learned we were one of only two offers submitted - the other being a developer. We wrote our sweet letter, crossed our fingers, and were over the moon when our realtor stopped by to tell us in person we got the house. 

Look at how happy those kids are!

A decent inspection and a smooth closing later and we were holding the keys to our new little home. Want a tour?

Here's our large open living room when you open the front door and note those are coved ceilings!

Cute little fireplace and entry closet as you look back at the front door. (Pardon the quality of some of these shots - some are screen grabs from the listing.)

A corner of southwest facing windows - so. much. light.

Hook a left into the dining room.

Which continues into the kitchen.

This is most certainly not the kitchen we've grown accustomed to but we've got plans...

To the right of the sink is the door to the backyard and the stairs to the basement.

Small bedroom at the end of the hall which will be my office. 

Larger master bedroom with a great closet.

I lurve these little art deco details in the hardware and am looking forward to cleaning them up.

The back yard was a mess - to say the least. We suspected there was a decent yard back there but wouldn't know until we tore all this out.

This is the "view" from the backdoor onto a tired old paver patio. Straight through the hedge we would discover a small fence - our driveway lies on the other side. 

Take a right as you leave the back door and there's a path to the sidewalk. 

From the backyard looking back towards the kitchen window.

These laurel hedges were out of control! 

Why yes we do have a garage back there. At least half of one.

And my favorite - a twenty-year-old neighborhood cat box. 

There is a lot of work to be done on this place but the potential is there and you know how we love projects. Next up - watch us tear the yard out!

What significant things happened to you in 2015? Any projects you were able to wrap up? How about New Year's resolutions to tackle something you've been looking forward to?

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