Grate Expectations

Ever since we bit the bullet and tackled the hallway this spring - taking down the last of the wallpaper and painting walls and trim - this ugly grate has been, well, grating on my nerves.

Not only is it splattered with paint but it's another episode of "faux-wood" theater. Ugh.

I removed it, vacuumed it, and scrubbed it down before applying two coats of grey spray primer.

I had initially thought I'd like to paint it oiled bronze since that's what the fixtures in the bathroom directly across from it are, but looking around the house I see the other vents are painted black (although they're all in dire need of being repainted as well) so I went with two coats of flat enamel finish in black.

Such a small change feels like such a difference, especially because this is something we can see coming from four different rooms in the house.

Below is the kitchen vent which is in about as good of shape as our bedroom vent. One thing checked off my list and another two added...

What do you think of the small transformation? Are you ticking anything off of your house to-do list this week? Any quick spray paint jobs?


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